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A Look into the Olympic Fashion Brands

With the start of Tokyo Olympic Games after a one-year delay due to the pandemic there are 3 major brands that are looking to get a big boost from the games.

The Olympics are a gargantuan opportunity for fashion and brands like Nike, Adidas and other big activewear brands showcase their latest performance gear in competition.

Ralph Lauren has used the uniforms worn by US athletes during the opening and closing ceremonies to burnish its all-American branding since 2008.

But there are some new entrants onto the Olympic stage this year:

Telfar is sponsoring the Liberian team and designing their uniforms

American Athletes will be wearing Skims, the shapewear label launched by Kim Kardashian in 2019, underneath their Ralph Lauren and Nike. With its body-positive and racially-inclusive messaging, the brand is staking its claim as the next generation’s take on Americana.

And Athleta, the Gap-owned women’s athletic wear brand, has signed two of America’s most prominent Olympic athletes, track star Allyson Felix and gymnast Simone Biles. Both are central to Gap’s plans to double Athleta sales to $2 billion by 2023 amid a women’s sports boom.

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